McDonald's as a guideline

Hola amigos! Do you know that even in McDonald's you can order coffee? It's true. Surely not the best one but I have to confess that I have ordered once. I remember in Prague where the coffee in general is just "not the best in the world". Of course it didn't improve but I had to try with it since I had no better choices.

I am bringing the (or one of) biggest fast-food restaurant for a reason. Few people that I know believe that we should not call it "restaurant" but this is not why I am talking about it. Think yourself on what actions do we execute when we just want to eat food (as in other places).

1. Nobody gets us a seat.
2. You have to stand-up to order the food.
3. You wait for the food to be cooked and you pay immediately before being served. There is a difference now from the pubs. You don't provide a table number. You just wait to get the food. We don't provide with tips.
4. The food "shows up" and you find a place to eat it.
5. You finish and before you leave, you return the tray back to its place and throw the food to their rubbish bin.

I may have mistakenly addressed the steps but I think this is more or less what they do. Why we do that and why are we happy to do it? It is just out there and everybody assume that is their culture. Then we do it. If you go to McDonalds, you'll have to accept it. And at the end of the day, it is a culture where tasks and responsibilities are shared across the customers who are supposed to volunteer to take their trays back to their original place.

Does it ring the bells? Isn't it similar to "ideal" Agile teams?

Yes. To me this also represents a clear scenario on how a cultural change has to be the first and main driver to move the teams into the agile direction. As a colleague said today: "Agile is everywhere". Culture is part of that everywhere. We tend to mimic. We tend to see other behaviors to understand how to behave later on. We cannot accept that self-organizing is a matter of rules, process, methods or things like that to "become Agile" (I cannot hate that "be Agile" more). There is an important part which is due to working with people. P-E-O-P-L-E. At the same time we are inquiring them to be more proactive and more independent, we need also to draw a place where this behavior can be safely  accepted via a cultural and human acceptance. Allowing people to fail, to feel important if they fail because we trust them. Because we acknowledge the effort done and because there is no other way to improve other than failing. Both are needed. People. Trust.

You may not understand this link but it is just funny. This is other example where you can use McDonald's to compare things. Mourinho is McDonalds while Guardiola is Ferran Adria (Michelin Star cook)...


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