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Teen wolf! (Team wolf) (tin world)

Hola! Coffee and collaboration! Yum yum!
Collaborate. Innovate. It has been a great year cooperating and learning from many people from many different areas and companies.

We don't need no education

Hola! A long fun weekend is coming! So I am preparing myself with a big cup of coffee!

Education is important. I assume that we agree in this and I don't have to bring valid reasons on why this is important. So, sticking to the point, there are several methods:

- Self-teaching. Reading, writing, webinars, researching, attending meetups for instance... the world is not enough!

- "Microwave-teaching". While working is another way if you are under a company that has a nice "try" and "fail" culture in the atmosphere. "We can make the invest of trying something that nobody knows what it is, but we can assume the loss in learning and trying, no matter if it doesn't help us". The action of stimulating your creativity is indeed a success by definition although it is just you alone in the dark.

- Training (external or internal). No discussion on how useful they are. Just a comment. You may have spent your last 8-10 years on a topic that you are q…

Agile in wine shops

Hola amigos! Have you ever tried Bonka coffee before? It's just great! I am having my second of the day! Yup! Energy!

From the day 0 (zero) I had the idea of using this blog to illustrate that "Agile is way of life" and can be applied to our day-to-day. This also means that when it comes to move companies into the Agile direction that is not exclusive of IT companies.

If you have come across my previous posts, there is one in particular "Sa-tis-fac-tion" which I brought it as one of the basics when introducing an Agile coaching into organisations. If you read it meticulously, there is not a single reference to Unit Tests,  Java, or any technical stuff.

So today, we did a similar first "encounter" and we faced few minor improvements that we could implement into a wine shop in Marbella. "Agilizing" it  as in a Kaizen way :-)

These are our few ones: 1. Adding metrics to be able to better evaluate improvements and actions and get a real idea of …



Singing in the rain...

Hola my friends! Almost the end of the day here in Málaga and it looks like it is going to rain soon. That would be certainly a shame. There is always coffee to mitigate such issues - if it happens.

It's Wednesday. You are in a remote meeting via Hangout. A team member is asking you randomly about numbers to add in the lottery poll for that day. The team is laughing.

It's Friday. You are in a stand-up and all your team members are wearing a funny hat. One of them has a horse-head. Then you decide to wear a Black Bucket that is on the floor and reminds the team Bender/Darth Vader. The team is laughing.

It's Tuesday. Tomorrow there is a release that goes to production. This is a very important meeting just to decide whether we go live or not. Customers, release managers (team members), managers are involved in the meeting called as "Go/No Go". Someone asks if this will be a go. Someone replies singing:

The team is laughing.

Think about this. Would you like to have …

Back to school

Hola amigos! Today I've seen the best mug ever for my espresso coffee! Keep the calm and ramble on! I love Led Zeppelin!
Kinda strange day. I am back to one of the companies where my professional career adventures started almost 10 years ago! I was almost a rookie when I joined them and now look at me... I am still a rookie in many senses! 

This company is based in Málaga so I offered myself to provide with Volunteer Services to help them to implement better Scrum practices given my experience in this area. This is also a way to earn SEUs that allows you to apply for the Certified Scrum Professional (see Category D). So is it really non-compensated work? Well I did not get a pence but It does not look like I am Mother Teresa either.

Anyway. What have we covered today? We went directly to the core, to the root. How a developer works on his day-to-day? What is the process of bringing a change request, new project developments into a customer?

In the outside world, people believe th…

'Agilizing' Sprint Reviews

Hola amigos! Sunday! Tip:I prefer to think that this is the first day of the week rather than the last one! However while you are on leave, you will feel that there are no Mondays :-) Awesome!
Anyway. Today I was thinking about the "Sprint Reviews". By the way, not sure if I have already linked you to Mountain Goat Software website before in here. This is Mike Cohn's company - one of the co-writers/co-signers of the Agile Manifesto. Absolutely recommendable for quick checks on Scrum/Agile topics. Surely 
Sprint Review. This is the "demo" where we demonstrate how good we did within the sprint. Right?  I assume everybody knows about it so I'll stick to the main point.   Why do we do sprint reviews? This is the first question we need to ask ourselves. So, doing a bit of brainstorming: - To encourage the team to feel part of the sprint delivery via presenting their product. So to speak, increasing the team spirit. - To demonstrate the product owner/stakeholders…