Agile in wine shops

Hola amigos! Have you ever tried Bonka coffee before? It's just great! I am having my second of the day! Yup! Energy!

From the day 0 (zero) I had the idea of using this blog to illustrate that "Agile is way of life" and can be applied to our day-to-day. This also means that when it comes to move companies into the Agile direction that is not exclusive of IT companies.

If you have come across my previous posts, there is one in particular "Sa-tis-fac-tion" which I brought it as one of the basics when introducing an Agile coaching into organisations. If you read it meticulously, there is not a single reference to Unit Tests,  Java, or any technical stuff.

So today, we did a similar first "encounter" and we faced few minor improvements that we could implement into a wine shop in Marbella. "Agilizing" it  as in a Kaizen way :-)

Vinacoteca Castillejos
Your wine shop in Marbella

These are our few ones:

1. Adding metrics to be able to better evaluate improvements and actions and get a real idea of the values we are delivering. This is not to monitor and control the employees, this is to get a measure of your business so they can help us to understand and avoid doubts when we challenge ourselves: "How are we doing?"

2. Would you like to personalize and know more about your customers? Since this is a touristic area why don't we try to better understand their demands or how can we suit them? Are we paying attention to different cultures, languages, media? How can we introduce a broad wide set of potential new customers?

3. Understanding the needs of cultural changes to increase the trust levels and the fluency of the communication. People have to be able to respond to changes and to be truly trusted to fail and learn from it. Better communication to self-organize. What about a daily stand-up?

4. Focusing on introducing retrospectives across the whole company to understand what went well (and how well), what went bad (and how bad) and what can we add to next iteration/month/cycle? Use the metrics if any doubts! This has to be the engine for continuous improvements.

Effectively, very minor changes and satisfaction. So much satisfaction. There are no other secrets.

Do you think all of this is just exclusive on IT companies?


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