Example Manifesto

Hola! Time for an early evening coffee! I've just had an amazing lunch and I need my espresso!

Few weeks ago I attended a Kanban Training which allowed to acquire an interesting insight of the change management method. As a personal experiment, I'm just trying to remember everything I learned from those days... Many concepts came up within the two days. But to be honest, I've just visualised kanban from a picture in a example-game we played. That's what I really recall.

We are like babies. We are still babies. We understand things better from examples. Real-life ones if possible - since Agile is a way of life, right? Try to provide lots of theories, lots of references or many "speeches". If you take 10 minutes of your time to explain something that can be done using an example in less... You are wasting your time. You won't get anybody's attention. It doesn't matter how precise is your explanation if you don't "get" the people. You'd have to adapt yourself to reach your audience. The traditional way of sharing knowledge is dead.

It has been demonstrated that examples, pictures, graphs and the games are natural ways to get through the people. I'd like to promote the "example manifesto" as part of the agile culture. Practical Examples over Extensive Theory  and Concepts based sessions.

The picture. The example
We were asked to illustrate somehow and use our imagination on what's kanban. One of the guys drew this one:
Kan Bar

I'll leave it to your imagination but that's Kanban :)


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