Singing in the rain...

Hola my friends! Almost the end of the day here in Málaga and it looks like it is going to rain soon. That would be certainly a shame. There is always coffee to mitigate such issues - if it happens.

It's Wednesday. You are in a remote meeting via Hangout. A team member is asking you randomly about numbers to add in the lottery poll for that day. The team is laughing.

It's Friday. You are in a stand-up and all your team members are wearing a funny hat. One of them has a horse-head. Then you decide to wear a Black Bucket that is on the floor and reminds the team Bender/Darth Vader. The team is laughing.

It's Tuesday. Tomorrow there is a release that goes to production. This is a very important meeting just to decide whether we go live or not. Customers, release managers (team members), managers are involved in the meeting called as "Go/No Go". Someone asks if this will be a go. Someone replies singing:

The team is laughing.

Think about this. Would you like to have guys like these in your team?


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