Lean Twin Peaks

Hola there! I am about to take a flight that departs to Málaga and just realized that i haven't posted a single coffee picture! Big mistake!

Thinking further, I ended up with Twin Peaks!  

Most of you 70s and 80s born people remember it. A story about Laura Palmer's brutal homicide surrounded by mysteries and strange stories based on freak people from Twin Peaks, extraterrestrial stuff, dwarfs and spirits. "A town where noone is innocent". Wow! What a summary!

Well, along with The Wire, this is my favorite series have ever seen in TV. Not my intention to spoil it if you haven't had a chance to see it. It's a must-see.
The story's main character is and FBI agent - Cooper - who can delay whatever important business just for a cup of coffee. True love. That's how I came my mind into it. 

Then thinking further. How the hell David Lynch (co-creator) came up with this story? Who knows. This is when I start linking it to agile stuff. If you see the TV series, you would see how the story is incrementally changing. Personally, after watching it, I doubt he could have known how the story was going to finish. And that's great. 

It had 3 seasons / releases. After observing people's reactions, adverts, the plot was slightly adapting and the next episodes were groomed a bit. Money came from the great success of the first release.

As expected in anything he's done, David Lynch vision became more radical. Hence, more more changes. Relationship between the delivery team and Fox was not what we can define as a sweet harmony - example product owner and scrum teams need to go in good terms. The story was progressing with its own fluency. But just until a "clever" product owner (fox producer) said: "you know what, we are not interested in anymore".

The story came to an end. Who could have predicted this before it started? Nobody!

I just love it!


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