Whiteboards (love them!)

Hola my friends! Bit late for a coffee I think. Maybe a no caffeine one?

It's Monday and I'm in love as The cure used to say. Yesterday we talked about the distributed teams and how to find the gaps. Today I want to talk about one of those exclusive co-located tools. The whiteboards.

As a former boss said: "everybody loves drawings, graphs". Whiteboards is the essence of the agile manifesto. Who wants a fully-documented State diagram in Uml when we do have simple whiteboards? 

Posts ago we focused on the importance of the focus. What's important? How can our mindset acknowledge that easily? I don't think we can find any other powerful tool in Agile implementations to make visible what do we need to do. Just walk around, go for a coffee and come back. You will come across the whiteboard all day long. I don't need to remember what are our goals! They're just there! I will have a look at the whiteboard to check again on further implementation steps!

Surely we can discuss how to make it effective in distributed teams. As an example we are sharing twice a day the status of the manual whiteboard - as we also get our "tech" tool up-to-date as Jira- with our distributed teams. And seems to work. Our standups are full of happy commitments!

Don't you see this clearly?


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