No direction home

Hola amigos! Starting the day with a hot cup of coffee! I've just got up and I feel like a rolling stone!

I am certainly preparing a long post about those "managers that want to become Agile". Absolutely ridiculous. I will be quite brief today though, just want to (as in a Mike Vizdos way) "focus on deliver"

So. I met a guy, Matt Harasymczuk, few weeks ago in a meetup from ACE that presented "the next project management methodology to revolutionize our development". It was absolutely great! He approached the idea of the importance of thinking, understanding that we are people and the idea of cultural change.  Absolutely. I cannot agree more. Slides here.

Overall, for today I just would like to re-quote (this is like a re-tweet, right?) a sentence that was the main core of the presentation and leave that on you guys to think about it:

"Agile is not a destination, Agile is a direction". 
Tony Grout, IBM

How does it feel? :)


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