Thoughts for food

Hola! Please please do not forget your shot of coffee! Let's go!

I've just realized of a curious example in Agile from my experience going out for dinner in Athens. As in Spain for Tapas, here in Greece it's quite common to order small dishes so everybody can share and try a bit of them. Mezes (wikipedia). It obviously requires a bit of "coordination" as I am going to present you in the next few lines.

Your sprint planning meeting is basically the agreement where we read the menu and we confirm the order to the waiter. Our sprint will take around 2 hours, we have evaluated the food in value (price), and size (e.g. sardines meze is a bit small). Your definition of done consists of completing the mezes dishes as a team (quality is guaranteed by the way). One meze finished, one story delivered. Food is presented incrementally on the table. If we are sure we can take more, we don't mind asking again the waiter. "Excuse me, sir, I think we can take more food from your kitchen backlog". If we are concerned about wasting food, is not this model better?

Retrospective comes when we observe our digestion and we say: "As an action, we will order less next time."

Perhaps I am a bit insane. But is not agile everywhere?


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