Hola! Let's enjoy together a cup of a coffee. I feel like I'm in a "espresso" mood. That usually means "good vibrations".

I've just finished one of my best training experiences. Ok, maybe I tend to exaggerate. But I am able to say that I'm feeling great. Isn't that awesome? Expressing emotions that bring you personal rewards. "Hey man, this is fantastic!". Perhaps this is due to the fact I am in a continuos brainstorming mode. How can I bring Kanban into my organisation? Now!

I had a very limited - and real - idea of Kanban before these two days. "It must be like scrum but continuously prioritising. No sprint plannings, just put stuff into a queue and kanban will ensure somehow it will go to production when is done". "Kanban is a bit chaotic while Scrum is partially predictable and less disruptive".

Well, and after two days, I am able to consider those as valid comments yet. This is still partially true. However, from my words - previous quoted thoughts - I believe I was underestimating how powerful it could be.

Kanban is a change management method. It is more honest than Scrum accepting that changes can happen at anytime. If your sprints are chaotic, you cannot handle multitasking, the workload is not predictable, your customer/priorities can change, give it a try to Kanban. These are just few examples. 

Surely I will talk more about it in the following posts and I may challenge some of the content of the Kanban method (Big K). Just wanted to share my latest impressions. 

I'm actually in the building writing up this post before I take the tube. I cannot handle multitasking anymore :)


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