A Kanban "Web Hunter"

Hola amigos! Tomorrow I am attending a Certified Lean Kanban Foundation Training! I am very excited about it! I have the feeling that I have been "doing Kanban" for many years but I have not really been inducted on the foundations!

So, from tomorrow, Tom Reynolds will guide us through. To make it more exciting we have been told to do some pre-homework. I have to choose in between few words from a list of Kanban concepts (I suppose) and share them tomorrow (underlined the picked-up ones)
Little’s Law
Value stream
Cycle Times
Kanban classes of service
Make process policies explicit

Due to my recent trip to Japan I had no other option to "google"  for Kaizen and Kaikaku. Kaizen seems to be related to "change for the better" whereas Kaikaku is something like "radical change". Slow changes against bigger ones. Mostly I think they describe "the speed of a change".

It sounds interesting the concept of little's law
Anyway, I am looking forward to hearing what others have found out about the Kanban concepts tomorrow!


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