Adventure Rooms with my team in Athens

Hola amigos! Please take a seat and have a coffee! First of all, thanks for reading this Blog. Hope you enjoy this as much as I am doing!

The day I attended the past Agile Conference in Cambridge back in October 2014, that day, changed my life. Yes, that day. I had a wide experience in "Agile". I have worked in many different companies, teams assuming different roles such as developer, Tech lead, scrum master or agile trainer. We can say that more or less I thought "I know stuff".

Then I met Portia Tung and yes, everything blew up. Her presentation titled as "The power of play" was a fantastic surprise. To briefly sum-up she believes that "play at work can improve relationship and can fire up creativity". Bringing positive and a break to our day-to-day routine to finally deliver better values. I remember one of the definitions from one of the examples on the slides she provided. Portia said that day in Cambridge: "To me playing is when someone else from your working environment gets a great success and you just feel happy and proud of it".
See the slides

I can  definitely prove the results. Since the very first day we started playing every day. And this special week providing Agile training to our guys in the Athens office we haven't stopped it. Our creativity has gone so far in terms of having so many ideas about games to play. I believe I feel that I could apply for a Junior Game Master Role soon.

Today one of the guys proposed to play on a classic "Leave the room" game with extraordinary results. We left the room six minutes before the due date. Everybody contributed, we could not help laughing as well.
To me, this is Agile


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